Gaming modes

Herní módy naší Laser Game arény


Also known as free for all or solo game. In this type of game you have no teammates and there is no one you can rely on except your laser gun. The goal is simple – try to hit as many players as many times you can. Player with the highest score wins.

Team Deathmatch

In this mode you are part of the team so this is definitely more tactical game. You have to cover your teammates and co-operate otherwise your team will lose. Team with the highest score wins.

Recharge stations

You can play this mode either as Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch. The main difference is that you have limited lives and ammo.  That means you have to think twice before you run “Rambo style” across the arena. In case you ran out of ammo or lives you have to go to the special Recharge station where you can recharge your lives and ammo.


In this mode is one player chosen to be Dracula(red) and his main goal is to infect the other players(green). In order to do that Dracula has to hit players multiple times and then they change color from green to red and then they play alongside Dracula. If Dracula does not make it in time then the “human” wins.