Laser game Hradec Králové!


Laser game or laser tagis a newformof action activity full of adrenalin and awesome fun. It is very similar to paintball but instead of painful little balls you will be shooting laser beams! Just beforethe game startsyouwill be equipped with special vest and laser gun. Those vests have several sensors which you will be able to hit with the laser guns. After a proper laser suit up and instructions how to play, you and your team will enter our special dark gaming arena with various sound and light effects. There are also many hideouts and obstacles you can use to take cover.

Arena Laser game Hradec Králové

Laser game weapons

Gear laser game

Choose one of our gaming modes!

One game lasts for 15 minutes and it is full of adrenalin combat action which really makes you sweat. It is entirely up to you if you want to play team deathmatch and lead your team to the victory or if you prefer solo play you can choose Deathmatch and see who is the best.

After each game you can see the final score where you can find out how many times you hit each other and who was the best player or on the other hand who took the last place.